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The Modern Museum Of Art, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Macura Museum, Novi Banovci, Serbia

A Kasteyeu State Museum, Kazakhstan

Doron Klinghofer, AMBA, London, UK

Swedish Finn Historical Society, Seattle, USA

Fondazione Opera Campanda dei Caduti, Rovereto-Trento, Italy

Bell Of Peace Foundation, Rovereto-Trento, Italy

Spazio-Tempo Collection, Milano, Italy

Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Collection, New York, NY, USA

Advisory to the board, WhiteBox New York, 2017--

Mana Contemporary Collection, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Ethan Cohen Family Collection, New York, NY, USA

Svensk Foretagsrekonstruktion, Stockholm, Sweden

Mathias Jonsson Family Collection, Marbella, Spain, Sweden

David Brolliet Collection, Geneva, Switzerland

Liza Marklund Family Collection, Stockholm, Sweden

Mona Sahlin Family Collection, Stockholm, Sweden

Lars Sahlin Family Collection, Karlstad, Sweden

Marie Taittinger Collection, Brussels, Belgium

Mark A Norell Collection, New York, NY, USA