Life Is Good 2017 -2018

In this exhibition, Wahlstrom is pushing his brush into a more aggressive, exploring the mock battle between positive and negative space, and focusing more on abstract forms than on narrative image. Despite these changes, man is still at the center of Wahlstrom’s paintings: a human face will slowly dissolve into abstraction, just as the difficulties of everyday life dissolve and force people to come up with new survival strategies. Once again, the notion of struggle plays a crucial role in Wahlstrom's work.

"Life Is Good" is partially a political statement connecting resilience and irony. Through his paintings, Wahlstrom explores the tense global political situation in which we currently live. His work evokes the absurdity that we encounter everyday as a result of forces outside of our control.

From Wahlstrom’s point of view, modern struggle is found at the individual level. For this reason, “Life Is Good” strives to encourage a viewer to consider obsessive, aggressive or candid statements that confront us via news, social media and everyday life. This exhibition symbolizes the end of one artist exploration and the beginning of a new world of imagery for Wahlstrom that still seeks an escape from imposed values.